Wednesday, September 4, 2013


A layman who had a son came to see Abba Sisoes on Abba Anthony's mountain.  On the way, it happened that his son died.  He was not troubled by this but brought him with confidence to the old man and bowed down with his son, as though making a prostration, so that he would be blessed by the old man.  Then the father stood up, left the child at the old man's feet and went outside.  The old man, thinking that the little boy was bowing to him, said, "Get up, go outside."  For he did not know that he was dead.  Immediately, the boy stood up and went out.  When he saw it, his father was filled with amazement and went back inside.  He bowed before the old man and told him the whole story. When he heard it, Abba Sisoes was filled with regret, for he had not intended that to happen.  So the old man's disciple asked the father of the child not to speak of it to anyone before the old man's death.

--- From the Desert Dwellers