Monday, May 15, 2017

My Current Project

Christ is Risen!

I am currently working on a paper concerning Liberation Theology, in which I will make the argument that not only does the Tradition of the Orthodox Church allow for the development of such a theology, but also that a truly faithful living out of that Tradition along one's path to Theosis necessitates it.

First of all, that Orthodoxy is a profoundly Trinitarian faith means that it is a relational faith, emphasizing that persons are only persons when they are in positive relationships to other persons. Such positive relationships include not only good and right feelings towards others but also good and right actions on behalf of and directed for the advancement of the well-being of others. Secondly, Orthodoxy has always emphasized the essential goodness and positivity of the created things of this world and their use as means by which Christians can progress along the path to salvation and deification eg iconography, the material of the Eucharist, etc. It will be argued that political activism can be understood as a created “thing” of this world and hence also able to be used for religious advancement. It will be argued that, as people are suffering the real and material effects of economic and social injustice, that material means – political activism and its results – must be used for the betterment of their well-being in accordance with Christ’s injunction in St. Matthew’s Gospel.