Sunday, December 14, 2014

Becoming Relational gods

We are called to be like God, becoming gods by grace in Theosis. What is God? The Trinity... persons in relationships, who are what they are themselves by virtue of what they are to the others. So it should be with us and our fellows... We are called to be like God.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Food From Parents in the Faith

"Your Lord is Love: love Him and in Him all human beings as His children in Christ. Your Lord is a fire: do not let your heart be cold, but burn with faith and love. Your Lord is light: do not walk in darkness of mind, without reasoning or understanding, or without faith."

--- St. John the Priest

"Through the Holy Spirit comes our restoration to paradise, our ascension into the kingdom of heaven, our return to the adoption of children, our liberty to call God our Father, our being made partakers of the grace of Christ, our being called children of light, our sharing in eternal glory, and, in a word, our being brought into a state of all 'fullness of blessing,' both in this world and in the world to come, of all the good gifts that are in store for us, by promise hereof, through faith, beholding the reflection of their grace as though they were already present, we await the full enjoyment."

--- St. Basil the Great

"Christ did not know measure in His love for people, -- and in this love He lowered Himself in His Divinity to the point of being incarnated as Man and took upon Himself the sufferings of all. In this sense He teaches us by His example not of a measured limit in love, but rather an absolute and immeasurable surrendering away of oneself, by definition a laying down of one's soul for others."

- St. Maria Skobtsova

"Faith causes prayer to grow, and when prayer grows our faith is strengthened."

--- St. Augustine

"Do good when you remember, and what you forget will be revealed to you; and do not surrender your mind to blind forgetfulness."

--- St. Mark the Ascetic

"Make peace with yourself, and both heaven and earth will make peace with you."

--- St. Isaac the Syrian

"Theology without praxis is the theology of demons."

--- St. Maximos the Confessor

"There is a new wonder in Heaven and on Earth: God is on Earth, and Humanity is in Heaven."

--- St. Thalassios the Libyan