Monday, April 6, 2015

Proceeding to Pascha

I have to admit one of the very physical things (and Orthodoxy is nothing if not a very physical and incarnational faith) that I love about our parish life during Holy Week is using the Papadeas Greek Orthodox Holy Week-Easter Service Book. It contains all the services used (and in the way they are served) in contemporary parish practice in the Greek Orthodox Church in America. It's a pretty thick book, but as we go through each day's service the bookmark gets pushed further and further towards the back of the book.. a very real exemplification that we participate in the prayers and hymns of these services, taking them and their teachings to heart and being assisted by them in our journey proceeding to Pascha and the Resurrection of our God and participation in Holy Communion on the Feast of Feasts.

LINK - Greek Orthodox Holy Week-Easter

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